IndusClassic® TLN-08 Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Rectangular 2 Holes Tea Light Candle Holder



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• Teal Light ions effective area 20 - 25 Square Feet ( Estimated )
• Each candle holder is nature's air purifier and reduce asthma
• Natural rock Salt is great gift idea. Use it for both home & Office
• Every candle holder is hand crafted from natural Himalayan salt crystals
• Decorative and calming, creating a cleaner atmosphere
• When lit with candle, it emits a soft amber glow
• Reduce stress & Improve Sleep

IndusClassic® TLN-08 Tea Light Candle Holder is an excellent source of negative ions and is strikingly beautiful, blending favorably with any environment. The salt crystal candle holder improves air quality and your body's health. For a constant ionizing effect. When a candle holder warms, it attracts humidity and the surface of the salt crystal becomes damp. Negative ions build up and then released. Crystal salt candle holder bind the excessive positive ions with their negative ions. The ions cleanse the air of harmful electro smog and other toxins. Known as Nature's Ionizers. Salt Crystal candle holder eliminate a host of indoor air pollutants.

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