Indusclassic® 100% Pure Himalayan Chemical-Free Salt Soap Bar / Massage Bar / Deodorant Bar - Good for Skin



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  • USE: as a Chemical-Free Himalayan Salt Deodorant Bar - Kills Bacteria
  • OTHER USE: Use as a pummus stone in the shower
  • MASSAGE: This Salt Bar has many uses a hot Massage stone with Oil.
  • HEALTHY: Re-mineralizes the skin
Indusclassic® Himalayan Salt deodorant bar has no harmful chemicals or metals! Himalayan salt kills the bacteria that causes odors. Just wet and use like a regular deodorant bar. Can be used all over your body--try it on smelly feet. Won't clog pores or stain clothes. Size and shape may vary, our choice, please. All-natural bar of Himalayan salt lasts for months. "This item is perfect to replace that old dingy piece of soap in your shower, or to be used as a foot pumice. This smooth Himalayan Salt can also replace your deodorant! Remove unwanted dead skin and unwanted bacterium from your body. As salt is a very clean form, you will be happy with your IndusClassic® 100% Pure Himalayan Salt ""Soap"" Bar!

Directions: Wet the salt bar with water and rub between your hands. Then apply the salt water to freshly cleansed underarms, feet or wherever you experience sweating and odor. For a full body effect rub the salt water all over your body and pat dry. Avoid rinsing the salt off of the skin. After use rinse the salt ball and dry thoroughly. Store in a cool, dry location. The salt will neutralize and reduce the skin bacteria thus reducing body odor throughout the day.


DO NOT RUB SALT BAR DIRECTLY ON SKIN: The surface is rough and may cause skin abrasions. Do not apply salt to open skin or wounds. This may result in a stinging effect. Because this is a natural product, slight color variations may occur. This does not effect the performance of the product.

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