Indusclassic® Himalayan Salt Bar 100% Natural Deodorant & Body Cleanser & Aluminum Free



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  • GENUINE HIMALAYAN SALT anti-perspirant bar have natural, anti-bacterial properties that help prevent odor-causing bacteria from forming 
  •  NATURAL HYGROSCOPIC PROPERTIES of authentic Himalayan Crystal Salt will keep you dry for hours 
  •  HANDCRAFTED FROM HIGHEST QUALITY, OVER 99% PURE Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt, mined from 5,000 feet deep below the Himalayan Mountain Range
  • CHEMICAL FREE Himalayan Salt Deodorant Eggs have no additives and are 100% pure and completely natural, containing 84 mineral and trace elements 
  •  Includes one deodorant bar and instruction card 

Indusclassic® Himalayan Salt Bar, mined directly from the foothill region of Asia. Prevent body odor without harsh chemicals, aluminum or preservatives! Ball size is approximately 2 inches diameter. Includes cotton travel bag for storage.
What’s so great about Himalayan Salt? It contains an abundance of essential trace minerals such as iron and copper to nourish your body and skin. It kills odor causing bacteria on the skin and reduces body odor. It balances the skin’s pH without stripping natural oils.
Odor is not caused by sweat but by the bacteria on the skin. It is best used as a preventive measure to reduce odor causing bacteria from forming throughout the day. It will not prevent sweating or perspiration. Himalayan Salt will not mask already stinky pits. APPLY SALT WATER TO FRESHLY WASHED SKIN FOR BEST RESULTS.

Directions: Wet the salt bar with water and rub between your hands. Then apply the salt water to freshly cleansed underarms, feet or wherever you experience sweating and odor. For a full body effect rub the salt water all over your body and pat dry. Avoid rinsing the salt off of the skin. After use rinse the salt bar and dry thoroughly. Store in a cool, dry location. The salt will neutralize and reduce the skin bacteria thus reducing body odor throughout the day.


DO NOT RUB SALT BAR DIRECTLY ON SKIN: The surface is rough and may cause skin abrasions. Do not apply salt to open skin or wounds. This may result in a stinging effect. Because this is a natural product, slight color variations may occur. This does not effect the performance of the product.


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