IndusClassic® LNM-10 Natural Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp Ionizer Air Purifier 30~35 lbs With Marble Base And Dimmable Control



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• Ions effective area 220 - 230 Square Feet ( Estimated )
• Marble base bring elegant look. It is durable and easy to clean
• Nature's air purifier and reduce asthma
• Dust mite remover
• Release negative ions in air which destroy positive ions
• Humidity reducer
• Reduce stress & Improve Sleep
• Each Natural Salt Lamp Comes with 15-watt bulb and 5-feet electric cord & dimmable control switch

IndusClassic® LNM-10 Salt Lamp is devotional collectible for your personal enjoyment, or a very unique gift for those you love. It is romantic and unique product and come with a deluxe solid wood base. Each lamp will be a unique piece - no two are ever the same - varying in size, shape and color. Totally natural, hand-crafted product. Rough, unfinished surface. The benefit of ionizers is well known. While most ionizers on the market are man made machines. Salt Crystal Lamp is a beautiful alternative of mother nature. It is without any noise and NO harmful Ozone!. Salt Crystal Lamp is highly suitable for daily use in the whole house. In bed rooms, in living rooms, in dining rooms, in the hall way, in meditation rooms, near televisions, computers and around smokers. Use these beautiful Lamps in offices to reduce fatigue, the lamp will minimize the effect of all that radiation and beautifies surroundings of your work area, it improves your concentration and refreshes you by neutralizing the effects of an artificial environment. Use the lamp in waiting rooms to create a relaxing atmosphere, during massage therapy, and anywhere else you want to restore or maintain the natural air quality.

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